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Contrary to what most people believe, the windscreen of a car is much more than just a piece of glass. It is part of the safety restraint system of the car, thus protecting the driver and the rest of the passengers in the vehicle. Whenever you notice a crack or chip on the glass, it is mandatory that you go to the closest car service workshop that provides professional windscreen repair Sydney services. Over the years, numerous misconceptions have occurred related to windscreen repair and below are the most popular ones.

Windscreen repair misconceptions drivers should stop believing right now

The form of the chip does not matter, they are all the same

One of the most common misconceptions is that all chips are the same. Truth is there are different types of chips and each of them can affect the windscreen in a totally different way, not to mention that the form of the chip can also determine whether the glass needs replacement or repair. Star break, combo break, bull’s eye and half moon are only a few examples of chips that may occur on the windscreen of your car.

A minor chip = nothing to worry about

Another very popular myth related to windscreens that people should stop believing right away is that if the chip on the windscreen is relative small, there is no need to worry about it. NOT! The moment the glass cracks, it becomes weaker and if not repaired in due time, the crack may become bigger and bigger, thus having you to resort to complete windscreen replacement services, which means that you will spend a greater deal of money. The sooner you repair the chips and cracks on the windscreen, the better it will be for both your car and your budget.

Whenever the windscreen cracks, it needs replacement

Many drivers do not take their cars to a car service workshop the moment they notice cracks or chips on the windscreen because they are afraid they would have to completely replace the glass and spend money they cannot afford at that moment. Nevertheless, it is important to mention that not all cracks require windscreen replacement, but this can only be determined by a specialist with vast experience and knowledge in the field. So, it is essential that you look for the best car specialist in your region as soon as possible and ask for a professional opinion. You may not have to spend so much money on the repair services, after all.

I can repair the crack myself with a cheap local repair kit

Last but not least, another common misconception related to windscreen repair is that people believe they can become experts in this domain overnight if they buy a cheap local repair kit and do the job themselves, when in fact they could not have been any more wrong. Sometime using a repair kit may help you solve the problem, but only for a very short period of time. Sometimes this procedure can make things even worse. It is strongly recommended that you resort to professional windscreen repair services if you want to benefit from the best results.