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When it comes to purchasing a car, making a decision can be rather difficult because there are many details to think about. Many people prefer buying a used car, while others think that investing in a new vehicle is a smarter choice. Regardless of your choice, the most important step in the process of buying car is to look for Mitsubishi dealers in Melbourne, and decide on the right dealership. If you are still uncertain of what would be the best choice, used or new, then a few pieces of information might help you out.

Used VS new - what type of car to choose

New cars

Probably the most common reason why people opt to purchase a new car is that they have the possibility of choosing exact specification; no one else has drove it and the chance of any hidden malfunctions does not exist. Knowing they will drive a car with zero kilometres on board is a critical factor for some people. Another advantage of purchasing a new car is that you will be able to receive a full warranty and other packages and deals.

Used cars

Statistics show that the number of used cars bought every year exceeds the number of new car purchases. Only for this reasons, you will be able to conclude that a used car can be a great alternative. With a used car, you will not face the issue of depreciation, which usually occurs when buying a brand new vehicle.  With a used car, you will know that you are getting the best features for your money, and you will be able to resell the car, if you want, for near as much money as you paid. This does not happen with a new car, which loses around 25 percent of its value as soon as you take if from the showroom. If you are worried that you will not receive a warranty, and perhaps the car will face problems in a month or two, what you need to do is look for the right car dealership. You will be able to receive a warranty even when buying a used car, depending on the dealership that you pick and of course on the car model. Working with a reputable dealer is necessary, if you want to know the history of the car and be certain that you are buying a vehicle that is in a perfectly good condition. In terms of money, a used car is certainly the best choice to make.