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As a car owner, you most certainly are familiar with everyday struggles of maintaining your vehicle in perfect form. If you care so much of your home, why wouldn’t you care for your car? Fact is, you must put some effort into maintaining your car, because otherwise, you will most probably end up with issues considerably more expensive to fix. This is why professionals always try to give us some car maintenance tips and tricks, and why they insist on checking the engine oil levels and so on. Save plenty of money and keep your car in perfect form by yourself, by following the rules below.

The car owner s maintenance bible

1. Change your air filter

For this task, you don’t need any type of tools, you only need your brand-new air filter and about ten spare minutes. An air filter needs to be changed every twelve months or every 12.000 miles, just so you know the recommended interval. Taking your car to a service shop means you have to give up quite a generous amount of money as well as your car for your day. Or, you can replace it yourself. First, pop up your hood, and identify your air filter. It’s a rectangular box. If you cannot identify your air filter, check the user’s manual. It will be easier for you. See which way the filter is facing, and replace it with the new one, facing the same direction.

2. Change your windshield wipers

It’s funny when you hear your friends that they spend some solid amounts of money for a simple task like this. If you change your own windshield wipers, you will only be spending somewhere around 20 dollars, tops. This task takes somewhere around ten minutes to accomplish, and it’s easy to perform. Once again, you won’t need any tools for this, you only need a new set of wipers. To change it, simply lift your blades, as if you were to wash your windshield by hand. Slowly remove the old blades and attach the new ones. And this is how you don’t spend money on changing your blades at a shop.

3. Replace your fuel filter

For replacing this piece, you will only need a new filter, new fuel line washers, a wrench and eye protection. Twenty spare minutes will do, and the costs implied are revolving somewhere around twenty bucks. Start by relieving the pressure in the fuel system. Otherwise, things could be a little explosive. Disconnect the fuel system from the filter by using a wrench that fits the dimensions. Remove the filter by disconnecting the clamp that holds it in place and install the new one.

Everybody could do these three important tasks, on less money than it would be the case if you were to change them at a professional service. However, they are not difficult, and the costs implied are small. Make sure you invest in high quality pieces and your car will thank you.