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While not being an ideal situation, car collisions appear, and because of this reason, one should be vigilant regarding the steps they should follow afterwards. Their and other’s lives depend on this, as well as the value of their settlement. For this purpose, hiring a car accident attorney might be crucial, but also the first aid actions one takes in the minutes following the event. Below you will find a list of steps you should follow if you find yourself in such situations.

Steps to take after being involved in a car collision

Never leave the scene of the accident

In such circumstances, it is crucial that all parts involved, including the witnesses, remain at the scene of the accident until a body of law tells them to proceed differently. Especially if someone was injured or killed, someone might face criminal penalties, such as being a hit-and-run driver. If you are the injured party, remain calm and wait for help to arrive, while trying to move as little as possible. Wait for the ambulance and police to arrive at the scene.

Check the drivers and passengers before assessing the damage

Although it is highly relevant to assess the damage that your property suffered from, make sure that all drivers and passengers involved in the accident are safe. If not, call an ambulance and make sure that they will receive professional medical care as soon as possible. Individuals, who seem to suffer from neck injuries or are unconscious, shall never be moved from their place, unless their lives are put in danger by the state of their vehicles (a fire is due to appear, for example).

Keep a clear track of your medical bills and take pictures

After receiving the necessary medical help, make sure that you save all the receipts, medical bills; take note of all your doctor’s names and addresses. If a process is brought to trial, you will need them for proving your medical state that followed the accident, as well as the expenses that appeared in the recovery process with medical care and caregivers. Another great advice is to take picture of yourself and relatives that were injured in the accident, as well as some illustrating pictures of your vehicle.

Ignore settlement offers and get in touch with a specialised attorney

If you were injured in the collision, the best advice would be to get in touch with a car injury lawyer as soon as your medical state allows you. Don’t settle for what insurance companies will offer you, because oftentimes the amount is considerably smaller than what you would be lawfully entitled to. On the other hand, if you were the one who provoked the collision, you can be sure that you will be defended properly in the trial. Do not overlook the importance of finding a good attorney, because no matter on what side of the spectrum you are finding yourself, the outcome will be in your advantage by proceeding so. Provide them with all the evidence you gathered throughout the process, for proper results.