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Holden is not only one of the most popular cars in all of Australia, but also one of the best-selling ones. As a brand, Holden was designed in the Australian way, meaning that while it shares a lot in common with American vehicles, it manages to set itself apart. The two things that make the Commodore Melbourne stand out from all the other vehicles are room and comfort. Among all the models made available by Holden, the Commodore VFII is without any doubt the most powerful one.

Holden Commodore a car designed especially for Australians

Common features of Commodore

Although Holden offers a wide selection of models to choose from, all of them have some common characteristics. Cruise control and headlamps are one of the frequent features of Commodores. Not only can the driver automatically switch the headlamps when it gets darker, but he also benefits from a reversing camera and a system that steers the car into the parking spot. Regarding apps and functions, all models come equipped with Bluetooth connectivity and smartphone compatible apps. All the wheels are manufactured from aluminium alloy instead of ugly and heavy steel. Finally, all vehicles are warrantied for three years.

The 2016 model

The 2016 Holden Commodore VFII is considered to be the update of the previous models. This model benefits from changes made to the exterior, meaning a new front bumper vents and hood design. Regardless of the modifications, the VF still remains attractive. The one thing that stays constant is the cabin of the VFII. This means that the buyer will discover heated and ventilated leather seats and leather upholstery. Since the Commodore is a full-size sedan, space will not be an issue. Although the trunk is slightly shorter, it offers plenty of space. Probably the most significant change is visible at the engine. More precisely, there has been a shift to the V-8 model, the engine that used to power the Corvette. Above all, the car seems to perform well in crash tests, not to mention that ANCAP gives it a five-star rate.

Why will you enjoy driving this car?

The Holden is at the same time one of the most affordable cars on the market and a high-performing one. Taking into consideration that the wheels that drive the car don’t also steer it, the tyre grip is more evenly spread and the benefits are visible when the power output increases. In general, the car exhibits god road manners and the control it offers lets you manage lumps and bumps. Thanks to the outstanding V-8 engine, you can accelerate as long as you want and have loads of fun without having to worry. The engine is distinctive in terms of sound as well, which means that it has a noticeable roar which intensifies with engine speed. Car enthusiasts will definitely be overwhelmed by this aspect.

You will not be missing anything that other cars have. The Holden Commodore has come a long way to the advanced VFII model. If you are looking for a classic Australian car that makes steering seem like child’s play or that intensifies the driving experience, this is the car for you.