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When we think of supercars the first brand that comes to mind is definitely Ferrari. If you need any proof that the Ferrari 458 Italia then you should know that by now this car has gathered over 30 international awards. Its V8 engine has been declared the best performing engine and its exterior design is certainly astonishing. There aren’t enough words to praise this car so all we can do is list its characteristics and let you decide for yourself whether or not this car deserves its awards.

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The car has an overall length of 178,2 in., a 76,3 in. width, a 47,8 in. height and a wheelbase of 104.3 in. The V8 engine has a total displacement of 274,5 cu in. and a maximum power. The torque can goes as high up as 398 lbs/ft (540 Nm) at 6000 rpm. It is no wonder that this car raises so many passion amongst its fans given its technical innovations. The engine has been deeply influenced by racing technology and it has been redefined entirely. The cylinder block has four scavenge pumps in order to be able to reduce internal friction. Continuously variable timing on both inlet and exhaust cams continue to be part of the V8 as it is traditional for Ferrari engines. The suspension has an increased ability to reduce bumps and it is also impressively quiet. The 7-speed F1 dual-clutch gearbox is by far one of the most extraordinary upgrades as it ensures fast yet smooth changes.

When it comes to the exterior of the Ferrari 458 Italia is a perfect blends between aerodynamics and design. The car’s nose featuring the front grille has various aerodynamics sections that are meant to direct the air to the coolant radiators as well as to the flat underbody. Furthermore the aeroelastic winglets of the nose generate downforce when the speed increases. The rear nodler has two air vents underneath. The engine’s visibility through the rear screen is no longer a surprise but it is one of the traditional characteristics of Ferrari cars. The whole exterior designed is engineered in order to keep the weight down in order to reduce drag in the frontal section and to lower the car’s center of gravity.

There are many reasons why Ferrari 458 Italia is such a beloved and acclaimed car. Its technical specifications have earned a lot of awards but for the fans it is more than that. The car represents a masterpiece of design and technology. When you are driving this spectacular car you truly feel like you could reach the horizon.

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