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It is no secret that the automobile industry is heading in an Eco friendly direction. However BMW has shown a relatively small interest in this department. That all changed in 2009 when the company revealed the BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics Concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The main characteristics of this concept model were the light weight, low emissions and high performance. Although several automobile companies have struggled to deliver both performance and low emissions none actually managed to build a model that would satisfy both needs equally. In most cases the cars either lacked performance or they weren’t very fuel efficient. Could the new BMW Efficient Concept represent the next generation of cars?

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When you first lay your eyes on the impressive concept vehicle you can’t help but feel that you’ve stepped into the future. The perfect aerodynamic shape seems like it belongs to the science fiction department. However this car is a reality and it is a demonstration that the automobile industry is capable of adapting to any situation. Lets sink into the heart of this car and see what it actually powers it. The BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics Concept has a 1,5 liter, three cylinder turbo-diesel engine. The High Precision Direct Injection has been upgraded in order to optimize the injection of the fuel. The car delivers 163 horse power and a torque up to 214 lb-ft. The engine is located forward of the rear axle in order to create a perfect weight distribution and the power is delivered through a double-clutch transmission. Given this performance, it is safe to assume that the owner of such a car will have some fun on the road. If you plan on being that person, you might also want to visit, so that your fun won’t be ruined by speeding tickets.

The main engine is supported by two electric motors. The first motor acts as a generator feeding electric power to the battery when the brakes are applied or when the car is coasting. The second electric motor powers the front wheels through a 2-stage, single-speed reduction gearbox. The two motors can be used both for accelerating and generating energy which means that the BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics Concept can run entirely on electric power. Various combinations can be made between the three motors.

Both the interior and the exterior follow a lightweight concept. However if you think that any of the comfort has been compromised in order to fit the efficiency needs you couldn’t be more wrong. In fact the new concept model merely redesignes the idea of comfort. For example the kevlar shell body contouring chairs have a perfect backbone structure and seat padding. Who ever said that luxury and comfort had to be opulent clearly didn’t analyze this concept. However as perfect as BMW wants to present this car a lot of people fear that the production of this model is impossible in the near future. That may be true but this doesn’t mean that the BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics Concept doesn’t deserve a few rounds of applause. We can only hope that given the buzz that this concept model has created the automobile companies will put a lot more effort into creating efficient Eco friendly vehicles.

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