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In 2010 one of the stars of the Beijing Auto Show has been the BMW Concept Gran Coupé . The new model presented both a statement of the BMW values as well as a demonstration of innovation, power and luxury. The four door model based on the 7 series has been very well received by the car enthusiasts. On a later date BMW officials declared that the Grand Concept Coupé will indeed be built. According to some fans’ predictions it is quite likely that the new model will take on the abandoned 8 number. Well after taking a closer look at this impressive car we can say that we don’t really care how its gonna be named as long as it is produced as soon as possible.

BMW Concept Gran Coupé BMW Concept Gran Coupé Pictures

When the new Concept Coupe model was designed it was meant to be on the same page as the much applauded Porsche Panamera, Mercedes-Benz CLS and Audi A7. It combines the advantages of a GT model with the benefits of a sports car. Aside from being a remarkable car, the BMW Concept Gran Coupé tries to maintain the design characteristics that define the BMW vehicles while in the same time offer a glimpse into the design of the next generation of cars. If the new model will have the anticipated success then we will probably see a lot more of the shark face and athletic silhouette of this particular design. Furthermore the emblematic kidney grill is still part of the model although the vertical bars are slightly twisted in order to match the unique design of this road predator.

Although the BMW Concept Gran Coupé is inspired by the 7 series it is longer, wider and considerably lower. The all-black exterior wasn’t perfectly portrayed in the auto shows photographs but some details were still imbedded in our mind such as the four full led ringed headlights, the Hofmeister kink in the side windows and the arching roof line with the very low hood line. However the element that really defined the design was the shark nose with the kidney grill and the lower air inlets that accentuated the width of the car. The frameless windows, the powerful wheel arches and the perfect combination between the concave and convex line all work towards completing the somehow dangerous exterior. Furthermore we have nothing but praises for the oversized relief-milled spokes that embrace the wheels. We have very few information on the car’s interior. However several BMW representatives have stated that the production model will feature a rather emotional interior.

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