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Maintaining a car in shape is not an easy job, especially if you don’t know much about this topic. Almost everyone owns a car these days and knowing how to take care of one is common knowledge today. A car is an opportunity to enjoy everything that the world has to offer, by giving you the chance to travel. It is the most common means of transportation and it requires a considerable investment when purchasing one. This article is meant to be an easy guide to help you maintain the car in the shape it is supposed to be. From why you should look for storage units near me to tips on keeping the car on optimum operating performance, you’ll find it all here:

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Read the Owner’s Manual

First off, you need to read the car’s Owner’s Manual. Every car has specific needs and requirements when it comes to maintenance. Even though you might believe that all cars should be treated the same, this is not a universal truth. You have to get to know your car before actually making decisions on how to store it, how to prep it for a long ride and so on. Start by reading the Owner’s Manual first and see if there are special conditions you should respect regarding any aspect of your vehicle. After you’ve done that, you can start checking if anything requires changing. Keeping an eye on your car is paramount for its well-being and optimum performance.

Prep the space for storing

After you’ve learnt more about your car, you need to decide what’s the best way to store it. If you already own a garage, you can keep your car there after setting up the space. If you don’t own one, keeping the car outside is not a good option. You should look for storage units that offer the exact conditions a car needs when it comes to storage. After you found the appropriate place to store your car in, start prepping the vehicle itself for long or short periods of storage. Always change the oil and the filter before leaving your car in a garage for an extended period of time. The same goes with fueling, coolant levels and the pressure in the tires – all should be checked out and brought to the optimum level. For short term storage, make sure to lock the doors and place additional chocks under the tires for extra safety.

Track your car maintenance

After you’ve done everything to keep your car in a good shape while storing it, it’s time to respect the periodical check-ups for maintenance. There are apps that can tell you when something is wrong with your car and that can track the actions that are related to this matter. For instance, each time you are making a change regarding your car, these apps can rapidly let you know when you did the respective changes. It might not seem helpful at the moment, but tracking your car maintenance is a habit you will want to stick to in the future.