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Car lovers are interested in finding a car that has all the qualities they can imagine. Even though many people are limited by a budget, you should know that – out there – you can select from a large variety of cars which won’t make it above the amount of money you desire to spend and – at the same time – these cars are supposed to give you the best driving experience. One of these cars would be the new Chevrolet Colorado, a car that’s both reliable and good-looking. See below a series of specs and features of this amazing car and you will surely be convinced that it is worth buying. Also, read about Chevrolet Colorado at Edmunds for more details related to topic and help you make a decision in the end.

A car that is going to leave you breathless in seconds


Being such a big car means that you probably think that is going to cost you a lot of money to fuel it. Well, know that this four-doored car is not only a monster on wheels, but also very reliable when it comes to maintaining it. What’s great about the 2018 Chevrolet Colorado would be that it has a six-speed automatic transmission included. That makes the driving experience so much different compared to the past. This Chevrolet can reach up to 200 horsepower, having a 2.5 litre engine equipped. Yet, don’t forget that there are different types of engines on the Crew Cab models, so ask a specialist about the car you are going to buy. Back to the transmission, the Extended Cab models of the Chevrolet are equipped with the standard one, while the others are equipped with the Duramax Turbo-diesel one, which is extremely performant as well.


Besides being a great car for long drives, the Colorado comes with an amazing audio system. It is connected to a large touch-screen display that will be capable of matching any type of OS you are running on your phone. Also, the system includes technology that can be activated by voice commands. About the interior, the seats are extremely comfortable, they are all equipped with manual reclines and under-seat storage spaces, which is amazing for trips. The steering wheel is wrapped in high-quality leather which will help you get a better grip of it. Don’t hesitate to buy this car at any time! For safety matters, the car uses the daytime running lamps that Chevrolet already included in their cars.