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Ford Fusion models have always been drop-dead beautiful. The design of this vehicle is inspired from Aston Martin, but they are customized to create a mid-size sedan, practical to be driven by both businesspersons and families. This car is considered an athletic model and it can be pushed on windy roads, so you can drive it around the country if you like to travel. This year Ford has launched a new version of Ford Fusion, and they state that they upgraded the technology to improve the driver’s experience. Also, you will notice that this model comes with some visual tweaks. There are not major changes in the style of the car, but its fresh look will definitely amaze you.

2017 Ford Fusion - what makes it so amazing

The new Ford features SYNC 3

If you want to buy a used Ford Fusion from Edmunds in Los Angeles then you should ask the dealer if the car they sell comes with this feature. The 2017 vehicle has this system included in the car and it is really responsive. SYNC is functional, simple and it offers fluid transitions. The system can be used with both IOS and Android, so you will have no issue in using your device. Also, you can connect Android Auto with CarPlay and you can access the menu through voice recognition.

You can control the car from your smartphone

Nowadays on the market, there are only two cars that feature SYNC connect technology, and Ford Fusion is one of them. You will be able to control your vehicle from your smartphone app. This means that you can use your device to lock, start and locate the vehicle. Also, you have the option to start the car at a scheduled time, so it will be ready to go in the morning when you want to hit the gym. In addition, this car features Amazon Echo support.

How it feels when you drive it?

The new model of Ford comes with five four-cylinder powertrain options available. And if you want to purchase the sport model, then it will feature a twin turbo EcoBoost engine. When it comes to the Hybrid, you should know that the manufacturers have made some enhancements so you will not even change when it transitions from the gasoline to the electric motor. Also, when you want to start and stop the motor of Ford Fusion you will not even hear it, because the technology runs smoothly.