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When it comes to automobiles it is quite hard to decide between various models such as sport cars or sedans. Fortunately when it comes to the 2013 Tesla Model S you don’t have to decide anything as this vehicle is a wonderful blend between the two models. Furthermore this electric automobile is the next link towards an Eco friendly future. Unlike the electric attempts of competitive cars, the new Tesla actually manages to deliver both performance and efficiency. Although we will see many more bright discoveries in the automobile industry in the near future we can’t help but applaud this year’s model as it is definitely a revolutionary product in the electric cars market.

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There are a couple of important facts that you should keep in mind about the 2013 Tesla Model S. First of all it doesn’t use gasoline but that doesn’t affect its performance since it can go from 0 to 60 miles in 4,3 seconds. The safety aspect has been very important to the engineers of this amazing car as one of the main purposes was for the model to achieve the 2013 five star NHTSA ratings. On that note it is equipped with eight airbags and an innovative system that removes the use of seat belts in order to fix child seats called the LATCH system. As all the equipments are top quality the car also comes with a 4 year( or 50,000miles) warranty as well as an 8 years warranty for the batteries.

The greatest thing about the 2013 Tesla Model S interior, aside from the comfortable chairs and the smooth leather upholstery is the giant 17 inches infotainment screed. If you ever had problems accessing all the functions of a car’s computer than you will definitely find this screen useful. The main advantage is that it is big enough for you to visualize it without shifting your focus from the road to the car computer. Furthermore the interface is very user friendly making it easy for any person to browse through the menu.

Another thing that you should know about the 2013 Tesla Model S is that it performs marvelously both in cold climates as well as hot ones. On the downside charging is still an issue especially if you would want to purchase this car as the main transportation mode. You need a home based charging station and there are no solutions that can make this car a valid choice for long routes. However if you are living in the city and you want an efficient and economical car than this is probably a good choice for you. Furthermore it can also be considered a family car as it offers the possibility of two rear facing jump seats that can make the vehicle fit 7 people. We guarantee that the rear seats will be very well appreciated by the children.

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