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When it comes to impressive cars that break records and unhinge jaws, nothing compares to Ferrari. This company has been producing superhero cars for decades now, and still manages to surpass itself each year with better and more beautiful vehicles. Every single piece in a Ferrari is manually assembled in their Italy-based factory, and nothing less than perfect is good enough to represent it. This year a legend promises to be born with the 2013 Ferrari LaFerrari, a self-referential automobile that proves once again modesty isn’t one its forte qualities.

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The 2013 Ferrari LaFerrari will come, not surprisingly, in a limited edition of only 499 units, and it is considered the successor of the Ferrari Enzo. We have to begin by mentioning that this is going to be the fastest road car ever produced by Ferrari, and that its awesome engine produces 950 horsepower. This is achieved thanks to the massive and powerful 6.3-liter V12 engine, which is the same that the F12 had; only this time it was redesigned to suit the mid-engine layout of the LaFerrari. Furthermore, the engine also produces 516 lb-ft of torque at 6750 rpm. This is definitely one of the best cars money could buy, and it is the type of investment which could only grow in value. Limited edition cars, although always extremely expensive, are worth it because in time they will be even more valuable, and become a collection item. However, this isn’t the type of car you’d just keep in the garage, it is one of the best cars on the market and you have to show it off and put to use what brilliant engineers have put together.

It is interesting that the 2013 Ferrari LaFerrari is a hybrid, but not for the purpose of reducing emissions and protecting the environment; it is there only to increase the car’s performance, because this 120Kw motor brings some 161 horsepower to the table. Leave it to Ferrari to take an environmentally-friendly invention and transform it into the perfect capitalist product. Moving on, the actual weight of this Ferrari isn’t yet known, but we do know that it can accelerate from 0 to 62mph in less than three seconds and to 124mph in less than seven. Its top speed has been measured at 217 mph, which proves once more that now the LaFerrari is the fastest ever road car.

Although we mentioned earlier that the electric motor is only used to increase the car’s speed, it is also true that the 2013 Ferrari LaFerrari is cleaner than the F12 with 30g/km CO2. The interior of the car is evidently just as impressive and luxurious, and while the driver’s seat is fixed, the steering wheel and the pedal box can be adjusted. It is fitted with Pirelli P-Zero tires and all the main controls are fitted on the steering wheel to maximize comfort and functionality on this superhero car with superpowers.

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