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BMW has always been one of the most powerful names in the automobile industry. For a long time it seemed that all BMW models followed a magic formula that automatic made everyone like them. There have been a lot of rumors about the arrival of the 2013 BMW M135i Coupe. Given the recent end of the 1-Series M Coupe production, the new 2013 model is meant as a replacement for the beloved model. However whether or not this year’s model will rise up to the expectations is still up for debate.

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A lot of test runs have already been made by professionals in order to review the characteristics of the new model. The result however are quite inconclusive. While some are delighted by the new features of the new Coupe, others consider it to be way below their expectations. Lest talk a little about the characteristics of the new model and decide for ourselves whether or not it deserves any praises.

The exterior of the car presents a small responsive rear-drive hatchback which is unfortunately only available in Europe. However the BMW officials have hinted that around this time next year Americans will be able to benefit from a two-door notch back. The metallic paint combined with the fluid lines and the hatchback surely make the 2013 BMW M135i Coupe exterior quite appealing. Furthermore we guarantee that you are bound to love the unique design on the 18 inches wheels.

When you first enter the car the first thing you analyze is its interior. Although it comes as no shock to anyone that the interior of the new Coupe resembles a lot of M sport models we can’t say that we aren’t a little disappointed by the lack on innovation in this department. However it is a well known fact that black never goes out of style and neither does the sports look especially when it comes to cars. The whole interior of the car inspires an air of power due to the black overview. Even the mirror side caps match the car’s inner style. In order to complete the power look the interior also has a few touches of silver such as the stainless steel pedals. If you are fishing for a little diversity you could order chairs with blue stitching. And if there’s one thing that you will definitely love about the new BMW Coupe is its new cooling system that will redefine the definition of comfort.

Now lets talk a little about what powers this hunchback road monster. The engine is a 3.0L N55 i-6 turbo motor. We are all familiar with this engine given the fact that it was also used for the 335i. However we still discover some pleasant surprises along the way. The 320 hp combined with the N55HP designation can power the new cooling system while in the same time have a fuel consumption of only 40 mpg on a highway. Furthermore it can also produce more than 7000 rpm and torque at 332 lb-ft. As a conclusion we are going to say that the 2013 BMW M135i Coupe is definitely a powerful car with quite a pertinent exterior. However we can’t help but state that most of us would have liked to see more upgrades.

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